The Sexiest Lounge Kitten of them all Brigitte Bardot meow meow

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Way before lounge kittens, the idea of sex kitten and lounging was established by the beautiful Brigitte Bardot


IN 1956 Roger Vadim’s film “And God created Woman” Brigitte was CATAPULTED onto multiple pages of the “eternal sex kitten” history book. (pardon the pun)



Brigitte is the icon, of lounging like a lounge kitten..

posters 600x800

Looking sexy with feathers…


Look just like our Lady Lounge Kitten  with our basic in Pink or Black


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T’s that Tease

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So lady lounge kitten was visiting Sydney, and got talking to a group of fabulous, fun french hairdressers from Frank Provost Sydney.. Seriously if you are in Sydney, and need a hairdresser then you need to go see them…cause  they can turn you into


and if you have the legs for it maybe even this


So we started talking about what you do etc, between the strawberry and cream tea and little choclates, the Lounge Kittens t’s that tease came up..Here is one of the new editions of the t’s that tease


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Lady Lounge Kitten out on the Prowl

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Lady Lounge Kitten rose from the lounge to go out on the prowl…

Why else, but to get a sneak preview of the Wimbledon Fashion Week collection

Lady Lounge Kitten

Lady Lounge Kitten is made of the most elegant and soft feeling revealing see-through mesh ever made, the sleeves feature fabulous ostrich feathers, all finished with a velvet tie and sensuous gathering to accentuate and create the thin waist that Russ Myers so openly loved and adored.

anita 2

Russ Myers the hollywood director that was acclaimed for many films including easy rider, was infactuated with curves. He loved Anita Ekberg the most. He went on record numerous times to say that Anita Ekberg was the most beautiful woman he ever photographed and that her 39DD breasts were the biggest in A-list Hollywood history

anita 4

The Russ Meyer female physical archetype was fairly complex to decipher. Firstly, it’s not to be confused with today’s surgically enhanced Hollywood playboy starlets or even slim, naturally endowed actresses. Russ Meyer was almost as much about a shapely 1950s hip-to-waist ratio or “wasp waist” as he was about very large breasts.

anita 3

The six-pack abdominal muscles and built-up squarish appearance of modern Hollywood figures do not mesh with his pin-up aesthetic. Secondly, he also required that even his most busty actress have the ability to look good braless; “gravity-defying” and “cantilevered” became two of his favorite expressions

That is indeed a lot to ask from lady lounge kittens..

Good thing we live in the 21st century and the real world were all that is needed is a big bubble bath, a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne, a bowl of strawberry’s and two chilled champagne flutes to accessorise this ensemble. Enjoy

Long Live the London Look of the Lounge Kitten.

See you at Wimbledon Fashion Week 25-26th June 2009

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Breaking Free of Battersea Powerstation

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Lounge Kittens 1

The story begins and ends on the lounge, as it always does for the Lounge Kitten.

Looking out from Grovesnor Rd across the Thames to Battersea Power Station.

Lounge Kittens 2

There across the water is the Lounge Kitten is full regalia breaking free of Battersea Power Station

I say Bravo… for beating down the Barbie status

Rising like the tide against the trap of Electric Barbarella

Lounge Kittens 3

Giving us a new breed of cool

Long Live the London Look of the Lounge Kitten.

See you at Wimbledon Fashion Week 25-26th June 2009

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